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"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good." I'm currently part of the User Experience team in Titansoft. As a UX Researcher, my primary goal is to create an awesome experience for our end users. I strive to understand our users by studying their intentions, needs and journeys through our products. I believe strongly that products should be intuitive and a pleasure to use. When I'm not obsessing about what the user thinks and feels, I'm watching crime/detective shows. Otherwise, you can find my nose buried in a book. I read all sorts of genres but I particularly like reading novels that depicts the social norms and traditions of a culture (eg. Amy Tan, Chetan Bhagat, and many others).

UX Research meets Scrum


Photo Credits: Barbarian Meets Coding

I am a UX Researcher. While I’m pretty new to the scene, I’ve heard of Scrum and have friends who work in companies that employ the methodology. Prior to the sharing by the Scrum Masters, my understanding of Scrum teams have been through stories shared by my friends or through observing the engineers work in my previous place of employment. Much like how “UX” is a hot term these days, “Agile” and “Scrum” have also joined in the crowd and their influence over companies’ operations cannot be ignored.

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Look! We built a usability lab!

We had an empty room. We wanted a usability lab. So here’s what we did.


  • It needed to be mobile. (The room wasn’t mine to commandeer)
  • The set up needed to be fuss free. (I don’t want to trip on a labyrinth of wires)
  • It has to work seamlessly with Android, Windows and Apple devices. (Duh!)
  • Cost effective. (Can’t break the bank)
  • Observers can watch the test live. (Nothing beats instant feedback)


Reinventing the wheel is just not the best way to get things done so I went googling articles and blog posts to find out how other companies have built their usability lab.

There was this really helpful article I found which shared the following set up:


It was an awesome starting point. I also found the chance to pick the brains of other practitioners in the field and learnt that Lookback (, while a hot favourite, has started charging for their software.

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