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I'm an Executive Assistant with Titansoft. I enjoy gaining new knowledge through online learning and reading books, and getting more experiences through trying new things. In my free time, I will either be burying my nose in a book, or I will be providing First Aid Services as a Red Cross general volunteer. I am also dabbling into the worlds of watercolour painting and brush pen calligraphy to gain new skills to enhance my skill set.

Blog Interview with Kheng Soon: A better lifestyle with Home Automation


In July 2016, across all meeting rooms, there is a special device on all the panels: this device is a controller with motion sensor and power switch, which can allow staff to switch on/off the aircon and lights in each meeting room with just one slide of the panel!

Ever wondered how does this automation work, or what inspired the implementation of automation to our meeting rooms? We had a chat with Kheng Soon about what is Home Automation Systems about, as well as his passion of the future of Home Automation.

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Facilitation Meetup @ The Hive




1.    A meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking website

When I first heard of such a meetup, I was quite curious as I was unsure what goes on in a meetup. I began waiting for a meetup being publicized in the FB Group with a topic that I was interested to explore further. So when the Facilitation Meetup at The Hive came by, I took the opportunity to go for it with Allan and Zhao Jing, as I have much interest in exploring more facilitation techniques and how to improve further.

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ICA: Group Facilitation Training 2016

If there is one thing I look forward to starting my first job at Titansoft, it is the numerous opportunities to go for external training which are of interest to me. Hence, when the sign-up email came for the 3 ICA Group Facilitation Training, I signed up immediately, as I would like to learn more about facilitation skills through the workshops (other than the facilitation books in the library).

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Cut The Flab! – Your. MINDSET. Matters.

Here it is, the last of the 3 part series of “Cut The Flab!” (just when the holiday feasting is over… for now 😛 So hopefully this post can help bring about renewed hope to try to keep fit and stay healthy once again)

From the last 2 parts of the series, ways to maintain healthy through food and exercise have been presented to you and I hope both posts has been useful to you to try out, or kickstart your health aspirations.

However, having a balanced diet or exercising regularly can only bring you so far. Your MINDSET in wanting to slim down is the one crucial piece to complete the big picture of keeping healthy!

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Cut The Flab! – 5 Ways to Move It Move It!


We Like to, MOVE IT! (image credits:

In the first part of “Cut The Flab!” series, we talked about the 7 ways to stay healthy through food and how such habits can be easily incorporated into our daily lives.

In this second part, we will look towards the ways of the second soldier: Exercise, and how to MOVE IT MOVE IT more often in our daily lifestyles, so let’s go!~

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Cut The Flab! – 7 Ways Through Food

Have you ever tried the different fab diets and (extreme) exercise programs from the Internet, only to give up halfway as you fall prey to your food temptations and you are unable sustain the intensity of the exercises?

Or have you found it difficult to keep fit and healthy in Singapore, whereby work takes up most of our sleeping hours, and there are too many delicious (and pretty unhealthy) food options?

Fear no more, as this 3 part “Cut The Flab!” series will show you how to keep to a healthy BMI with tried-and-tested methods! Continue reading