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About Chiu Yee

Chiu Yee is a HR Specialist with Titansoft who loves providing a listening ear to people. She has a sweet tooth and will often crave for them (though she's trying to exercise away some fats currently).

Top 3 Benefits of Titansoft

What comes to your mind when you are deciding which organization to work for? Every organization has its own benefits and it is also one of the major aspects that people will look at when deciding where to go for a job.

In this sense, we polled our own staff to find out what are the top 3 benefits that Titansoft offers (in no particular order)!

top 3 benefits

Our Top 3 Benefits in a nutshell (Image credits to Freepik –

Training & Development

While training and developing the skills of each individual is pretty much in every organization. In Titansoft, we believe that everyone should Never Stop Improving, which is also one of our organization’s core value.

In Titansoft, anyone can suggest to attend a training, conference or workshop to their manager. These could be relevant to one’s job role or simply to learn out of interest (of course, there is a need to tie-up personal interest with the organization’s interest). In addition, the company would identify training that may be relevant to anyone within the organization and even open up the opportunity to all. Some examples include the Certified Scrum Master course (where even our HR can attend), User Experience etc.

Learning doesn’t stop after the training either. Participants who have attended any of the above are also invited to provide a sharing to the rest of us, allowing knowledge sharing and opportunities to gain new perspectives from the others!

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Myth of Scrum Master & Project Manager Role

PM vs SM

Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile can be a long and challenging process. The responsibilities are split amongst team members for different roles, with some being new roles – The Project Manager (PM) handles the management of the project while the focus on the process will now be the role of a Scrum Master (SM) and prioritizing of features will be the role of a Product Owner (PO).

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Interview with Raymond: Journey of UX in Agile Environment


Our User Experience (UX) Team Lead, Raymond started his journey with us in 2014. Back then, UX was relatively new to him (as a Web Designer) and within a short period of 2 years, he now guides fellow UX members in learning and practicing the wonderful field of user experience. Today, we find out more about his UX journey and how the UX team works in an agile environment. Continue reading

The Journey of Kor in Titansoft

Who is Kor?

What do I achieve as a Titaner? How can I achieve this? These have been questions many of us have been asking ourselves. Kor, a familiar name to most of us, has also asked himself these questions before. He is open to changes and constant learning which gave him the opportunity to be where he is today as a Product Owner (PO).

Having been with us for nearly 7 years, and yes, I’m saying 7 years, he has experienced different roles and gone through tough routes. We are honoured to have him share his journey with us from a support staff to being a Team Lead and now a PO. Continue reading