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I'm an Accounts Specialist in Titansoft, who enjoys diving into the sea of numbers and venturing into the jungles of Charts. Apart from my work, I'm also a toy collector, shoes collector, scale modeller, adventurer who seeks physical and mental challenges

Titansoft Achieves Business Excellence with Singapore Quality Class Certification

Another milestone achieved! We have been awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification by SPRING Singapore! Not only that, we have also renewed our People Developer (PD) certification. Both certifications are part of Business Excellence (BE) initiative to help organisations improve our system and processes.

cbb1dfab8ab9935fc3661751021e6c4a27bbc05735ed154c4fpimgpsh_fullsize_distrWHY Business Excellence (BE)?

Titansoft’s motto of “Never Stop Improving” means we are constantly seeking improvements in everything we do. That definitely applies to our business performance and growth. Continue reading

3 Stages of Video Project Management

Pig studio

Several months ago, I was offered to take up a project to produce a 10th Anniversary video (TS10) for the company. Without much consideration, I said “YES” to the offer and kick-off my first video project. You may ask me “WHY did you take up such project without any prior knowledge?”, “You must be an idler or a trouble lover!”

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Toys for Geeks – 1/6 Toy Economics

Credited to various Toys makers

Credited to various Toys makers

Basic Principle of Economics for 1/6 Toy

I’ve learned the hard way (burning HUGE hole in my pocket) on the prices affecting the toy prices. Therefore, I’m going to share on the Economics of Toy prices. Please note this is not a guide to for toy price speculation/ investment. This is merely a personal tip for collectors to enjoy the hobby at affordable level.

Okay lets touch on the economics of the price. This is a basic game of supply Vs Demand; low supply, high Demand, leads to high price; or vice versa. Sound simple? Actually it is more complex than what you will expect. Continue reading

Toys for Geeks – Introduction to 1/6 figures


My Geek Journey

I always thought that 1/6 figures are the same as “Ken” from Barbie Doll toys series, except those “ken” are wearing tactical suits and equipped with deadly weapons. Until 18 months ago, I met my first 1/6 figure, Soldierstory FBI Critical Response Group and the face sculpt is incredibly realistic and detailed (can even notice the pores on the face). The figure was simply too COOL to resist and I paid $200 for it and spent 3 hours to put on the gears and weapon on the toy. Continue reading

What’s Your Definition of Done?

#15 3

2014 has been an eventful and fruitful year for us. We tried many new things, and we learned many more. I’m sure many of us will always remember the keywords such as “Agile”, “Scrum” and “WIG” we’ve heard many times during the past year. For me personally, I remembered most strongly about a story that happened in 2014.

– Tomas

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Top 5 Books Recommended by TITANERS

#16 7

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question:
Practicing Personal Accountability in Work and in Life
– by John G. Miller

Titaner’s recommendation

“A simple, powerful technique that will improve the way you see life. An hour of easy reading that will change your life for the better. You have nothing to lose, get a copy.”

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