Project VCEPAT – Part 1: The Titansoft Culture Project!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – St. Francis of Assisi

The past two years, the focus of our Organizational Development (aka Human Resources in other companies) department in Titansoft has been on what some might term the most important responsibility of HR, recruitment – discovering the right talents and bringing them on board Team Titansoft.

Every team requires a group of capable members to keep them going. Starting with 5 founding members, we are currently at 80 and counting in our Singapore headquarters. Now that we have what is necessary, we are finally moving on to the next step and do what is possible – building a company culture out of everything we believe in.

It is now time for us to start on our Titansoft Culture Project!

The culture is the personality of a company, made up of a set of shared values we believe in and practice every day. Just as with our Agile transformation, we are starting on this project with an experimental team, or two teams to be exact. Members of the Facilitation Team are responsible for being well-versed in the different tools available, to plan and run workshops for participants across the company, helping to shape our culture. The Pilot Team consists of people from different departments and teams and these are the ones who will become our culture ambassadors, leading the charge to sustain our culture within the company!

Our kick-off meeting started with a revisit of our current Vision, Mission and Values, something everyone in the room is familiar with. The 6 core company values of Value-Driven, Continuous Learning, Emergent Leadership, Be Practical, Be Adaptive and Transparency have an acronym adding up to what makes us, us. V-CEPAT means “very cepat” – cepat is a word meaning “fast” in Malay and Indonesian. True to our belief of “Fail Fast, Fail Forward” and our practice of iterative development with short feedback loops, on hindsight, an Agile transformation journey seems like a natural, if not inevitable progression for us.

831EBCA5-A2A1-4C0F-8765-65A4CEE378C7 edited

The goal of our Titansoft Culture Project is to translate V-CEPAT into actual behaviours, and to achieve that, we will need to maintain a balance between control and chaos, where learning, innovation and new thinking can take place.

chaos control

Malin Morén and Trevor Durnford are the two external consultants who will be helping us along this project for the next 6 months. With their extensive experience in helping organizations all over the world to implement change projects, we are definitely looking forward to what we can achieve together!

Our inaugural Culture Team meeting ended off with a discussion on what we hope to see as a result of this project. After all, the “Definition of Done” is something very much a part of our daily working process, the same as for any other Scrum teams – it is what drives the quality of work and for us to assess when this is project has been completed.

Keep a lookout for our updates as we move towards doing the impossible! 😉

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